TrueChain Weekly 2019.09.16–09.22

4 min readSep 27, 2019


The vision of TrueChain is to create a fair and transparent business world through the power of blockchain. We firmly believe that TrueChain technologies will reshape the business world, and TrueChain will live up to our supporters’ expectations. We will uphold our motto that “we will drive forward through our guiding principles that lay at the foundation of who we are.” Our mission is to continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

The TrueChain Mainnet is officially launched!

TrueChain is committed to be the next generation of blockchain infrastructure. It is the world’s first public chain that implemented fPow+ PBFT hybrid consensus and has a strong global open source developer community supporting it. TrueChain provides the underlying public blockchain infrastructure with high performance, security for decentralized application (DApp) and global asset transaction.

TrueChain weekly report introduced a new section since September, 2019. We will share the “TRUE Development Program” — technical documentation and development guidance on a regular basis for TRUE fans to know more about TrueChain and encourage developers to develop in the TrueChain ecosystem. We look forward to have more excellent developers and teams to join us.

We’d like to share the progress of 2019.09.16–09.22 with the TRUE fans.

TrueChain Progress

1. Developed the snapshot synchronization function to fulfill the generation and storage of the snapshot state ;

2. Defined the synchronization data of snapshot information during nodes communication; designed the synchronization process of snapshot node, full node and light node;

3. Developed wasm contract virtual machine, analyzed the basic instructions of wasm based on WebAssembly specification;

4. The Korean version of TrueChain official was added to meet the expectation from the local community, and more partnerships now has displayed on the website;

5. The design of batch transfer function is completed and will be developed according to the schedule;

6. The block chain Game “National Fishing” developed by Encrypty Game team was officially launched TrueChain;

7. TrueChain senior engineer joined the competition of Wanxiang blockchain hackathon 2019.

TRUE Development Program


Developer’s-Platform — Develop blockchain application and issue tokens


The developer platform can help developers develop blockchain applications and services based on TrueChain. In the platform, we provide intelligent contract development tools to provide developers with one-stop development, compilation, deployment, call, management and intelligent cooperation; In addition, one-key digital Token can be implemented in the platform.



This section explains and describes the various functions and modules in the platform to help you understand what they mean and how they should be used.

## Online IDE

Support to write, compile and debug smart contract code online.


TrueChain network based data query, analysis of the visual platform.

Smart Contract

We carefully selected a number of smart contract applications in the actual scenario, and they are open source in the smart contract case module. Each smart contract case contains the following:

Introduction of the Application

A brief explanation to the function of the smart contracts.

Application scenarios

A brief explanation to the scenario that the smart contracts can be used.

Demo products

We provide a collection of demos, you can get a feeling of it by playing with the demo. Shown as the following:

Blockchain Tictactoe

block reached canonical chain

Blockchain copyright

Smart contract code

All smart contract case comes with the source code, and are open on Github, we encourage you to read the code in order to further understand the smart contracts and the development details, you can even properly modified to make the final code is more applicable to the actual business use case.

Control panel

Users who register and log into the developer platform have access to the personal console, which includes accounts, application management, and digital asset management.

Control panel

This account refers to the account on the blockchain for the deployment and invocation of smart contracts and the issuance of digital assets. To add an account, the account address is to get the account address in the GreenBelt. You need to install the GreenBelt and add a wallet account. For the safety of the user’s assets, all accounts are stored in the user’s local computer. The server does not do any saving. Please make a backup by yourself in case of loss.

App / Application

Management of application information. Application generally refers to Dapp application, but is not limited to this scope. Multiple smart contracts can be managed and deployed in the application. Applications that have been developed can be directly applied for listing, and those that have been approved will be displayed in the True App.

Digital assets / Token

Through this module, you can issue your own digital assets with one key. In addition, it can apply for listing, and the approved digital assets will be displayed in True APP and TrueScan.




Next Generation Public Blockchain with Hybrid Consensus combining DPoS and fPoW