TrueChain Staking Guidance !

2 min readOct 26, 2022


Hello, TrueChain community! As a responsible organization, it has to be persuasive to the loyal community that We are deployed on dpos+fpow and that we have never stopped the TrueChain staking process. You can use the following options for TRUE staking.

1. Using Bitkeep

1) Download the Bitkeep wallet :

2) Go to the Dapp tab and paste the staking link:

3) Connect the TrueChain wallet

2. Using BeFi

1) Download the BeFi wallet :

2) Go to the Discover tab and paste the staking link:

3) Connect the TrueChain wallet

3. Using Metamask

1) Go to the link from your browser:

2) Connect the TrueChain network via Metamask

Note: How to add TrueChain network to the Metamask

Network name: TrueChain Mainnet
Chain ID: 19330
Currency symbol: TRUE
Block explorer URL:

Pay attention : TrueChain’s wallet service will be discontinued on October 31/22, at 02:00 UTC. You can use Bitkeep (, BeFi ( and Metamask applications to manage TRUE assets and the TRUE Staking application.

Please feel free to join TrueChain Global Community and contact admins for help, we will solve your problems as soon as possible.

Truechain official website:
Truechain official Telegram:
Truechain official Twitter:
Truechain Github:




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