TrueChain : An efficient & secure blockchain for GameFi & Dapps

2 min readJun 26, 2022

Our Technology

Many public chains based on single consensus mechanisms, such as PoW or PoS, lack efficiency. On the other hand, those based on dPoS or dBFT have been efficient, but are have issues with decentralization. TrueChain uses hybrid consensus called Minerva, combining DPos and fPoW, to solve the biggest problem confronting permissionless blockchains: the trade-off between decentralization and efficiency.

We use the DPos Committee as a fast chain to process transactions and give the committee’s oversight to the pow node. In addition, the initial chain also integrates the fruit chain technology into the traditional POW algorithm protocol and implements the fpow protocol.

Our Goal

With industry-leading technology, TrueChain aims to provide an efficient and well-governed blockchain for the decentralized economy. We came up with the first hybrid consensus incentive model to use economics as a drive to uphold and improve the chain. Meanwhile, we have also created a stable gas fee mechanism to lower the cost for the developers and operators of dApps, and to make the blockchain more public.

Aside from a platform, TrueChain has built an all-inclusive community to attract worldwide developers and entrepreneurs to be part of the TrueChain movement to building the future decentralized economy. Not only does TrueChain have a global developer community, we also have a library of open-sourced products that are handy for the developers.

Please feel free to join TrueChain Global Community and contact admins for help, we will solve your problems as soon as possible.

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Next Generation Public Blockchain with Hybrid Consensus combining DPoS and fPoW