True Chain’s Grants Program has officially started

True Chain Foundation is announcing the First Grant Program. To accelerate the growth of the ecosystem, True Chain Foundation has started awarding grants to promising teams building excellent projects. True Chain aims to become a fully decentralized financial system so that everyone is entitled to the full benefits of financial service.

Grants program covers Development tools, Cryptography, Bridges, UI development, Wallets, NFT, Metaverse, GameFi, etc.

There are three levels of fundings

A. Small Grants

Target: Individuals or small groups
Funding amount: $2,000- $10,000
Requirements: DAO community vote + approval

B. Medium-sized Grants

Target: small and medium sized teams
Funding amount: $5,000- $50,000
Requirements: DAO community vote + approval

C. Large Grants

Target: Foundations or companies
Funding amount: Unlimited
Requirements: Proposal Approved

With the development of blockchain technology, TrueChain has been striving to build a better blockchain ecosystem. The launch of the Grants funding program provides strong support for developing a new network ecosystem for the next generation, and they are going to support the growth of TrueChain’s ecosystem. Grants fund projects not only meet the needs of TrueChain network but also ensure ecological sustainability of the whole blockchain industry.

Most importantly, TrueChain’s Grants encourages developers through boundless grant categories, and we reward participants that deliver results. TrueChain encourages developers in terms of career growth by providing financial supports.

Apply here :

Contact us :
Truechain official website:
Truechain official Telegram:
Truechain official Twitter:
Truechain Github:




Next Generation Public Blockchain with Hybrid Consensus combining DPoS and fPoW

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Next Generation Public Blockchain with Hybrid Consensus combining DPoS and fPoW

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