TrueChain Weekly | 2018.6.25.~7.1.

The vision of True Chain is to create a fair and transparent blockchain business world. We firmly believe that the technology of True Chain will effectively reshape the business ecology and will not disappoint everyone’s support and expectation. We will always uphold the belief of “The initial heart is unchanged, and the progress is visible.” and continue to strive for excellence in all aspects.

The True Chain team still has a full passion this week, and shares the progress of 2018.6.25–7.1 with the fans of TRUE.

Technological Progress

1. The continuous improvement of the main network project. According to the five major functional modules in the V0.01 version, the Txpool module, the True module, the P2P module, the pbft module, the mining module, and the functional modules are tested individually. On the basis of all the unit tests, the multi-module has carried and passed the joint debugging, and the compiled single client has been deployed to the cloud server. The specific code can be found in the main project repository

2. The engineering development of the fPoW has completed the development of each unit module, and the subsequent joint debugging will be carried out. The specific code can be found in the fPoW repository

3. The design of the incentive mechanism model based on the consensus mechanism has been basically completed, and a scheme of low gas cost and smooth gas cost has been formed. The content has been updated to the Yellow Paper

4. After the True Chain official website was released, we have taken overall optimization. Including optimization background post release management, background upload image Https, official website Https display, QiNiu cloud mount Https link, and improve official website language content, set up automatic deployment, send TTR and other functions.

5. The True Light Wallet is using React Nttive’s framework for architectural refactoring to ensure subsequent scalability and user experience.

6. Zhang Xubin joined True Chain and was responsible for the hybrid consensus of True Chain and the product design of POW.

Activity Development

  1. At the 2nd Golden Chain Awards Ceremony co-sponsored by the New World Blockchain Technology Application Summit Organizing Committee, China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance and Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute, True Chain won the “2017–2018 Outstanding Blockchain Platform Award”, and Cheng Xiaoyong, the founder of True Chain, won the “2017–2018 Blockchain Outstanding Contribution Award”.

2. True Chain show in the nuclear financial live room, CEO Zhang Jiannan talks with BTCMedia Asia Pacific CTO Gu Qianfeng.

3. Shen Yunshi, Secretary General of China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategy Alliance, serves as True Chain consultant.

4. True Chain won the “World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen) Annual New Award”.

5. Cheng Xiaoyong, the founder of True Chain, was invited to participate in the “World Blockchain Financial Summit”.

Community Construction

1. True Chain community autonomy plan is progressing smoothly, and the work of all member units has achieved good results.

2. The number of community ambassadors in True Chain increased to 150, and the community of Chinese telegraph groups expanded to 24,171.

3. The number of True Wallet addresses has continued to increase. Last week, 48 new addresses were added, and the total number of addresses was approximately 9518.

4. Last week the node lock warehouse increased by 500,000, and the total lock quantity exceeded 6 million, including 209 standard nodes and 31 full nodes. The member of participating nodes was 600.

5. The community conducts 6 online technical preach every week. Every day, there has different topics, and the sharing content won the favor of the community, and the number of participants in the registration and listening has continued to grow.

6. The first Meetup activity in True Chain technology community was successfully held in Beijing, attracting more than 50 developers who are interested in the chain, and the atmosphere of Meetup is very active!

7. True Chain yeecall of ten thousand people community has started operation last week.



Next Generation Public Blockchain with Hybrid Consensus combining DPoS and fPoW

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Next Generation Public Blockchain with Hybrid Consensus combining DPoS and fPoW